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Pedigree Chart

This chart follows the major family lines in my tree. Dates are given only up to the third generation back. Note: The chart looks best in a full-screen browser window at 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

The cell and text colours denote where each person was born.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  1862-1948 Lucy C. Brummel  
  Annie Maud Burrows William Burrows Thomas Burrows  
  |   Jean Archibald Elizabeth Treadwell
  | Elizabeth Blanchard Edward S. Blanchard  Jotham Blanchard
  | |    |
  1899-1975 1858-1923 | Nancy Blanchard
  M. Lucy Waddell Dr. John Waddell Rev. James Waddell Rev. John Waddell James Waddell
  | 1864-1952 Mary Ann Donald Esther Sutherland Anne Pettit
  | Minnie Howe William Ts. Howe Thomas Wm. Howe William Ts. Howe
  | |  
  1930- 1895-1982 1863-1949 Jane Evans Mary Nichols Abigail Brownsey
1968- Anne Sansom Ernest Wm. Sansom John Evans Sansom John Sansom William Sansom Thomas Sansom
Audrey Seddon |  
  Allan Seddon Frederick W. Seddon William H. Seddon Joseph Seddon ? Seddon  
  1938- 1899-1962 1861-1920 Elizabeth Brittain Sarah ?  
  | |  
  | Catherine Roberts James Roberts James Roberts  
  | 1869-1938 Mary A. Knight Jane
  Dorothy E. Stride Walter G. Stride Robert J. Stride Robert J. Stride  
  1905-2000 1875-1914 Effield E. Triggs Mary  
  Edith Maud Frith Thomas Frith Thomas Frith Thomas Frith
  1876-1958 Elizabeth M. West Hannah Garrot Elizabeth
England Canada  
Scotland United States  
Wales Ireland