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Cinquefoil Heritage

"It is a revered thing to see an ancient castle not in decay, but how much more it is to behold an ancient family which has stood against the waves and weathers of time."
--Francis Bacon

Welcome to Cinquefoil Heritage.

Genealogy is like an ever-deepening mystery story. For every clue that is found, more questions arise. Thanks to the tools both on the Internet and offline, and the dedication of many people, it is possible to find some of the answers.

Follow the links for more family details. Due to the size of some family descendencies, only my direct lineage is presented on this site.

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Principal Surnames
Stride Frith
Waddell Howe

Special thanks to Jim Archibald, Ellen Astle, Ranald Blanchard, Bill Cannon, Andrea Hazelwood, Robert Kerton, Joanne Richards, Anne Seddon, Daniel Seddon, Clare Stride, Jane Wyle, and the folks at and for helping to provide information for this project.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Dorothy (Stride) Seddon Clark, who taught me the importance of remembering where we come from.

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