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Character Acts


Image: Comedy and Tragedy Masks

I have played in several long-running role-playing campaigns and experimented with various RPG game systems. By far my favourites have been Dungeons and Dragons®, Champions®, and IDEAS-V.

This section contains character sheets from the best campaigns that I have played.

Many thanks to Lewis P. Looks-Twice, who introduced me to RPGs many years ago and still continues to inspire me.

IDEAS-V System
Build 50 Lawful Good Equipment:
Body Armour 100
Loyal Rapier "Wield" 125
Health 65 Race: Time Elemental
Agility 85 Body Points: 203
Coordination 75

Recovery: 7
Strength: 184
Prowess: 68
Sprint: 9

Brains 70
Beauty 75
Charm 65
Willpower 90 Limitations: Distinct White Hair and Eyes -25, Fascination with Time Travel -50, Principled -75, Susceptible to Sonic Flares -50, Polite -50.
Perception 70
Weight 125
Powers Immortal 50, Longevity 50, Regeneration 50, Time-Sense 70, Telepathy 50,
Mind Block 100;
Time Travel Portal 100, Immaterial Portal 100, Teleport Portal 100, Life Support 100, Speed Healing 100, Time Slow Disk 65, Flight 65.
Skills Computer Science 50, Dimension Physics 85, Diplomacy 50, Electronics 60,
Spacecraft Pilot 50, Swordfighting 90.
Background Alice Thompson was five years old when she fell from a pier and hit her head. Elementals found her innocent soul floating in Limbo, and transported her to their dimension. There they raised her and trained her to be a weapon for Order, fusing her with the essence of a Time Elemental. She uses her powers to help bring peace to the galaxy.


IDEAS-V System
Build 70 Neutral Good Equipment:
ModGate Mark XI Warp Ship
Health 70 Race: Master
Agility 90 Body Points: 189
Coordination 75

Recovery: 5.4
Strength: 138
Prowess: 80
Luck: 75

Brains 110
Beauty 70
Charm 70
Willpower 75  
Perception 93
Weight 135
Skills Computer Science 35, Electronics 66, Dimension Physics 40, Diplomacy 22,
General Medicine 30, Marksmanship 52, ModGate Pilot 45, Robotics 37, Swordsmanship 42.
Background Lady Andrea is a member of a highly advanced race known as the Masters. She had graduated from the Science Academy, but she was unhappy with the prospect of being stuck in a research lab. Plus there was her family's pressure to take an advanced program, not to mention the society's non-intervention laws which prevented the Masters from 'interfering' in the lives of other races. So she procured a ModGate timewarp ship and set out into the great universe to help others.


Starbolt (Carol Quinn)
Marvel Super Heroes RPG
Fighting RM Origin: Induced Mutant

Limitation: -2CS vulnerability to water-based attacks

Agility RM Health: 106
Strength TY Karma: 60
Endurance IN

Resources: GD

Popularity: 10/5

Reason GD
Intuition EX
Psyche RM
Powers Electrical Control: Amazing
-Create electrical cages or barriers
-Absorb up to RM electrical damage
-Heal up to AM damage through absorption of electricity
Electrical Generation: Amazing
Flight: Incredible
Talents Acrobatics
Computer Science
Martial Arts
Background Carol's latent abilities were triggered when her boat was struck by lightning while on a sailing trip. She worked hard to master her powers, at the same time keeping them a secret from her family. Her costume is yellow and purple and she wears a red mask.


Sailor Chronos (Alyssa Jikanno)
Sailor Moon RPG
Stat Pts 18 Element: Time

Limitations: Attack Gesture 2 pts
Attack Restrictions 2 pts
Attack Words 2 pts
Item Dependency (Henshin Pen) 1 pt
Powered After Transformation 2 pts
Transformation Loss 1 pt
Servitude (Princess Serenity) 1 pt

Char Pts 25 Health: 75
Body 5 Energy: 75
Mind 5

Attack Value: 9 (12)

Defense Value: 7 (10)

Soul 8
Senshi Powers
(Lvl 4)
Combined Attacks Lvl 5
Elemental Control Lvl 2
Item of Power (Henshin Pen) Lvl 3
Rejuvenation Lvl 4
Sailor Senshi Attacks:
...Stasis Disk Lvl 2
...Statis Shield Lvl 3
...Temporal Force Dissolution Lvl 3
...Chronos Temporal Vortex Lvl 4
Talents Acrobatics Lvl 3
Appearance Lvl 3
Combat Mastery Lvl 3
Damn Healthy! Lvl 1
Energy Bonus Lvl 1
Focused Combat (Senshi Attack) Lvl 3
Unique Power: Precognition Lvl 3
Background Alyssa was the protector of the planet Chronos, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed during the first war with the Dark Kingdom. She was placed in cryogenic suspension by Queen Serenity, until a threat to temporal stability appeared on Earth.


Kolya Nashwick
D&D Edition 3.5
STR 20 Lawful Good Half-Celestial Equipment:
Chain shirt +1, Large steel shield +1,
+2 keen Longsword, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Mind-Shielding, Gauntlets of Ogre Power
DEX 13 Level: Paladin 9 [ECL 12]
CON 16 HP: 90
INT 12

Proficient: Longsword, dagger

Languages: Common, Celestial

WIS 16
CHA 20
Fort Save +14

Attack: +14/+9 (+5 STR)

Damage: Longsword 1d8+7 (+5 STR, +2 Enc)

AC: 20 (+1 Chain shirt, +1 shield, +1 DEX, +1 Nat)

Ref Save +9
Will Save +11
Skills and Feats Craft Leatherwork +2, Diplomacy +14, Handle Animal +10, Heal +11, Knowledge Religion +8, Knowledge Nobility +6, Listen +5, Ride +10, Spot +5
Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Mounted Combat, Divine Shield, Improved Critical (Longsword).
Special Abilities Paladin Abilities: Aura of Courage (Su), Divine Grace (Su), Lay on Hands (Su), Smite Evil 2/day (Su), Turn Undead 8/day (Su), Detect Evil (Sp), Remove Disease 2/week (Sp), Special Mount (Sp), Aura of Good 8 (Ex), Divine Health (Ex), Spells: 2 level 1, 1 level 2;
Half-celestial traits: Light (Su) at will, Protection from Evil 3/day (Sp), Bless 1/day (Sp), Aid 1/day (Sp), Detect Evil 1/day (Sp), Cure Serious Wounds 1/day (Sp), Dispel Evil 1/day (Sp), Holy Smite 1/day (Sp), Remove Disease 1/day (Sp), Darkvision 60' (Ex), Fly 60' (Ex), Low-light Vision (Ex), Resistance 10 to Acid/Cold/Electricity (Ex), +4 to FORT save vs poison (Ex),+1 natural AC.
Background Kolya is from a middle-class family who raises horses for the nobility. She was prepared to go into the family business when she was called to become a paladin of Heironeous. During her adventures she did a favour for a high-ranking elven wizard, who aided her in her fight against evil by arranging her transformation into a half-celestial.


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