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Site History

Jan. 1997 to Dec. 2002
The first version of the site was placed on the GeoCities free web hosting community. Called the Sailor Chronos Fanfiction Page, it was inspired by the popularity of the anime series Sailor Moon and Pokémon. This was a period of intense creativity, with the writing of a number of fanfics: three Sailor Moon, two Pokémon, and a Reboot story. Numerous fanfic submissions by other writers were showcased on the site, including a well-known trilogy by LeVar Bouyer featuring Sailor Mercury and the Sailor Moon-Babylon 5 crossover Sailor Babylon.
Jan. 2003 to Dec. 2004
With the popularity of Sailor Moon fading, the site was reinvented under the name of Sailor Chronos FanWorks Page in order to broaden the scope. The look was redesigned with flashier graphics and CSS-driven menus in order to keep up with the evolving user dynamic. A third Pokémon fanfic was written and sections of the site were devoted to anime-inspired artwork and translated anime song lyrics.
Jan. 2005 to Dec. 2008
Time constraints (ironically) and other obligations prevented the creation of much new material during this period. A sequel to the original Reboot fanfic, as well as a new Pokémon story were planned but never completed. Instead it was decided to showcase original works that had been written long before but never published. The site became the Sailor Chronos FanWorks Repository and a new section featuring the Timewinder saga was added. This was followed by sections for poetry and a virtual scrapbook.
Now called Chronic Hysteresis, the site was relaunched with a new look and more streamlined layout. The material from previous versions of the site was reorganized, and new sections were added to focus on genealogy and other interests. On April 24th, Yahoo! announced that it was going to close the GeoCities free hosting service, of which this site had been a member for over 12 years. After careful consideration the site was moved to Angelfire, in order to maintain its web presence.


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