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Original Works


Image: Quill Pen This section is for original concept stories.

I have permission from the authors to display these works. If you wish to have any of these stories on your own site, I suggest you contact them.

All files are compressed with WinZip. If you have trouble uncompressing any, contact me and I will provide a text version.

The following stories are based on logs from a role-playing game that I participated in a long time ago.  All are rated PG.  Timewinder and all other original characters in these stories are copyright © 1989-2006 A&A Productions. Reproduction without the permission of the authors is prohibited.

  1. Test of Time by Sailor Chronos
    Introducing Timewinder, a young dimension-travelling superheroine.
  2. The Escapee by Sailor Chronos
    Timewinder meets a girl with formidable powers and an attitude to match.
  3. Sun and Moon by Sailor Chronos
    Three heroes, one villain, and a life-eating monster.
  4. Children of the Gods by Sailor Chronos
    A peaceful race is attacked by demons on a planet ruled by a dragon.
  5. Dragonwing by Sailor Chronos
    A dragon and a demon team up for revenge, but two heroes stand in their way.
  6. Games with the Night by Sailor Chronos
    Timewinder meets a mysterious man, loses a friend, and gains a student.
  7. The Haunting by Sailor Chronos
    The way to a demonic dimension opens, and only two girls can stop a war.
  8. The Name of the Game by Sailor Chronos
    Trapped in a deadly arena, all contestants must win or die.
  9. Operation: Rescue! by Sailor Chronos
    Timewinder tries to rescue a rock star but meets powerful opposition.
  10. What Friends Are For by Sailor Chronos
    Making deals with the enemy to save a friend's life.
  11. The Lonely Snows by Sailor Chronos
    An arctic wasteland hides secrets and a deadly adversary.
  12. A Host of Hosts by Sailor Chronos
    A giant creature is giving paranormals a bad reputation.
  13. The Hunters by Sailor Chronos
    The government is taken over by a mysterious organization.
  14. Sorcery by Sailor Chronos
    Timewinder and a new friend are caught in the middle of a war between two races.
  15. An Hour to Doomsday by Sailor Chronos
    Facing two enemies on a world on the brink of apocalypse.
  16. Vendetta by Sailor Chronos
    Fighting a desperate battle against a sorceress sworn to revenge.
  17. Mission: PSI by Sailor Chronos
    Giant robots from another galaxy are destroying everything in their path.
  18. The Simplification Squad by Sailor Chronos
    The NEXTmen discover that their jobs have been stolen.
  19. Twisted Loyalties by Sailor Chronos
    Timewinder is forced to make hard decisions concerning her own future.
  20. Twilight's Child by Sailor Chronos
    Old enemies reappear with new surprises.
  21. Chains of the Sonovacs by Sailor Chronos
    Earth is being invaded... but who is the real enemy?
  22. Times Infinity by Sailor Chronos
    A terrifying force destroys a planet, and not even Timewinder can stop it.
  23. The Devil's Vision by Sailor Chronos
    One man wants to unite all paranormals despite the humans' fears.
  24. Genesis of the Psykers by Sailor Chronos
    The Psykers have come back for revenge, and they start with Timewinder's friends.

After the original Timewinder campaign ended, I experimented with playing versions of the character in other RPGs. The following are a few of the resulting stories.

  1. Alternate Realities: Night City by Sailor Chronos
    The assassin Shadowblade becomes an unwitting pawn in a data-theft gone wrong.

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