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Poetic Musings


Image: Quill Pen There are times when the best form of self-expression is by writing verses.

  • Flash in the Night by Sailor Chronos
    The difficulties of trying to fit in with the crowd.
  • Spillway by GRR-Annie
    Cheering up an invalid.
  • Hesitant Heart by Sailor Chronos
    It's painful to have a crush on someone who's unavailable.
  • Haunted Paths by Sailor Chronos
    Questions about life when a relationship goes wrong.
  • Now and Forever by Intrepid
    Inspiration from one's true love.
  • Nightlife by GRR-Annie
    A midnight visitor.
  • Dark Horizons by Sailor Chronos
    A lament for lost chances.
  • Teacher of Dreams by Sailor Chronos
    Epitaph for a mother.
Flash in the Night by Sailor Chronos

The stares and the jeers are hard as rock
No truth that I utter will remove the shock
Everyone will believe the senseless cries
Of self-important people with stars in their eyes

I sometimes wonder if my friends are really friends
My misplaced trust too often leads to dead ends
People only care about what they wish to see
There's nobody who seems to want me for me

In this ever-changing world I've been left behind
Trying to stand up to the arrogant and unkind
I won't pretend I'm someone I'm not just to get ahead
But my hopes for acceptance turn to despair instead


Spillway by GRR-Annie

Audrey Caroline Sansom Seddon
Didn't watch where she was headin';
Fate gave her a sudden twist
Off her bike for a broken wrist.

Audrey Caroline You-Know-Who
Wanted and longed to cry "Boo-hoo",
But she knew her father would say "Such breaks
Are poetic justice for dumb mistakes!"

Audrey (you know her name by now)
Managed to brave her hurts somehow -
Such is the way all cookies crumble
For Accident Prones who take a tumble.

A. (that girl of the Seddon clan)
Found that the very best laid plan
Of mice and men and girls on bicycles
"Aft gang aglae" in a space of trice-cycles.


Hesitant Heart by Sailor Chronos

How can I say "Here I am"
when you're looking the other way?
How can I tell you "Look at me"
when your gaze is far away?

You said we're no more than friends
and that I understand.
But it's so hard to just stay still
and not take your hand.

How can I say "Listen to me"
when your life is all fun and games?
How can I ask you "Stay by me"
when we're walking in the rain?

You said you're looking for someone else
with eyes of the brightest blue.
My eyes are brown but I don't care,
they're only looking at you.

How can I say "I'm here for you"
when you're off running free?
How can I tell you "I love you"
when you don't even see?


Haunted Paths by Sailor Chronos

I've reached a crossroads in my life
Where is the best place to roam?
I don't want to be anybody's wife
Nor do I want to be alone.

I will leave behind a country house
And skidoo rides in the snow
I hate the games of cat and mouse
And words that crush me low.

I dreamed I was driving a red sportscar
With my best friends at my side.
Dreams alone don't get you far
And most of mine have died.

I don't know where my path will go,
A fog still clouds the way.
Is there a beacon of light to show
The path to a brand-new day?


Now and Forever by Intrepid

I must find the words to convey
These things I need to say
There is something I must confess
Is it so hard to guess?
You have rekindled my desire
And uncovered my fire
I had thought lost some time ago
For you have touched me so
Just to see your radiant smile
Every little while
To behold your beautiful face
Increases love's embrace

Magical moments in the park
As light turns into dark
Whether in sunshine or in rain
No reason to complain
As long as you are by my side
Such joy I cannot hide
We love one another so much
All it takes is a touch
To reignite in passion's name
Our incandescent flame
It seems as if my heart will burst
Although you felt it first

I feel such incredible bliss
Every time we kiss
My whole body burns when we do
So much I care for you
These feelings we cannot conceal
For we know they are real
Our love, now stronger than ever
It could last forever
I care for you with all my heart
We never truly part
We are linked to each other's soul
Together we are whole


Nightlife by GRR-Annie

Thing is
too affectionate.
I awake
by a clawed embrace
as a little motorboat engine
wrapped in black-and-white blotched silk
attacks my ear with whiskers.

from the other big lump in the bed
let me know my Jellicle cat
was not gentle when hunting for me
as she trod willy-nilly
on the unwanted face
on the wrong pillow.

When I struggle to change her position
she digs her claws in,
voicing complaints
like any loved one rejected.

the three of us drift to sleep
as the motor sputters
into silence.

Picture: Thing 1983-2004 Thing 1983-2004


Dark Horizons by Sailor Chronos

I once had a relative who nursed the sick to health,
She did so out of kindness and not pursuit of wealth.
Tending beds and healing folks and helping every day;
But when I asked how I could pursue this gainful way
I was told:
"It takes a very hardy breed to walk among the ill,
They're overworked and underpaid and the time off is nil,
And there's a chance that you might catch some dread disease.
You don't want to be a nurse, so forget the idea please."

I once had a teacher who inspired kids to dream,
Passing on her knowledge and lifting self-esteem.
Reading, spelling, two months off in summer isn't bad;
However when I asked how this career could be had
I was told:
"Schools are filled with hoodlums who do not want to learn,
Rude and disrespectful and getting worse with every turn,
The profession doesn't have the prestige that it once did.
You don't want to be a teacher, so do something else, kid."

I once knew a musician who had the grace of an elf,
A piano or an organ was like an extension of himself.
Then there was the writer whose words leapt to the eyes;
But when I started to plan on these paths to realize
I was told:
"In the artsy world there's no guarantee of success,
Only a very few survive to take their fame to press,
Most have no cash to spend, their lives are revolving doors.
You don't want to be an artist, you'll end up scrubbing floors."

The years passed and one day I realized I had been a fool
To live my life according to somebody else's rule.
All those roads I could have taken I chose to let pass by,
Because of the difficulties I had not dared to try.
I told them:
"I hope that you are now happy that I am in despair,
For your lack of support my field of inspiration is now bare.
I am too old now to start over and find a place midstream.
You don't want to be a person who kills a child's dream."


Teacher of Dreams by Sailor Chronos

Every day is a time of pleasure
Family and friends gather merrily
Days and nights and feelings to treasure
Happiness is what we make it to be.

When we have children we see their dreams
Of magical times that holidays bring
To their eyes nothing is what it seems
The stars talk, butterflies dance, flowers sing.

A child seeks knowledge, the questing eyes wide
We learn from each other, yearning to know
But when Mother, my greatest teacher, died
My imagination did cease to flow.

She was supposed to live forever
Like stars and clouds reflecting in the river.



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