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Picture Postcards


These are some of the more unique items from a lifetime's collection of postcards, greeting cards, and photos.

Quick Recovery I once broke a leg when ice-skating. Upon hearing the news, an aunt and uncle sent this card. The full text reads: "Hope your recovery is... quick, amazing, astounding, superb, great, hurried, magnificent, rapid, restorative, speedy, thorough, complete (and hope you feel lots better too!)"
This is one page from a long postcard that I received one Christmas from a good friend. The card was hand-drawn, featuring characters from a role-playing game that I was involved in at the time. Hand-Made Card
Frog Card My mother has the gift of finding the perfect card for the occasion. For years I collected porcelain frog figurines, so she sent me this birthday card one time.
A girl I knew when I was in university decided to spend a year travelling the world after she graduated. She met a wonderful man while in Italy, and eventually decided to return to Italy to live. This card is a picture of the resort where she works. Italian Resort
Solar-Powered Card Relatives from out of town sent this card for my 10th birthday. The inside text reads "It radiates a whole year of warm wishes!".


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