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Frith Generation 1
Frith Arms: Azure with two crossed wheatsheaves or and a sickle in base.

The name Frith dates back to the days of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a topographic surname, derived from a residence at a bay or wide valley.

Thomas Frith

Born about 1781, Hinckley, Leicester UK.

Married Elizabeth Yates (c1781-c1857) on 08 Sep 1799 at St.Mary, Hinckley.

At the 1841 census Thomas, his wife Elizabeth, and youngest son John were living in Loughborough, Leicester. All were described as stocking makers.

Thomas died about 1850 at Hinckley.

The widowed Elizabeth aged 70, is described as pauper as well as a seamer on the 1851 census. She presumably was in receipt of parish relief, hence her designation as pauper.

  1. Thomas Frith (1802-1892) Hinckley
    Married Hannah Garrot (1802-1884) on 12 May 1823 at St. Mary, Hinckley

  2. Edward Frith (1809-c1890) Hinckley
    Married Elizabeth Brookes (1811-?) on 27 Feb 1832 at Loughborough
    1. Emma Frith (1833-?) Loughborough
    2. Ann Frith (1835-?) Loughborough
    3. Mary Frith (1837-?) Hilston, Derbyshire
    4. Hariett Frith (1844-?) Loughborough
    5. Elizabeth Frith (1845-?) Loughborough
    6. Henry Edward Frith (1848-1927) Loughborough
    7. William C. Frith (1853-?) Loughborough

  3. Anne Frith (1812-?) Hinckley

  4. John Frith (1821-?) Hinckley

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