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Frith Generation 2

Thomas Frith II

Born about 1801, Hinkley, Leicestershire. Christened 25 Jan 1802 at St. Mary, Hinckley.

Married Hannah Garrot (1802-1884) on 12 May 1823 at St. Mary, Hinckley.

The family was living on Lower Bond St, Hinckley, at the 1841 census.

By the 1851 census they were living at 68 Priory Row. All the family were either framework knitters or stocking seamers.

At the 1861 census they were still at Priory Row but the youngest son Thomas was missing. He had probably gone to London by then.

Thomas and Hannah, then 70 years old, remained framework knitters at Priory Row in 1871. With them were unmarried son George, unmarried daughter Sarah, and two pre-teen grandsons William and Thomas.

At the 1881 census 80-year-old Thomas and Hannah were still working on the stocking frames at Priory Row. Their son George was also there as a general labourer, and grandson Thomas a shoe finisher.

Hannah died 30 Dec 1884 at Priory Row, with daughter Mary Ann Dowell of Burton on Trent in attendance.

Thomas died 16 Jan 1892 at 1 Ireson's Yard, Hinkley, aged 90 years. In attendance was his daughter Sarah, now named Mrs. Pratt. She lived next door at No. 2.

  1. Ann Frith (1823-?) Hinckley

  2. George Frith (1825-?) Hinckley

  3. William Frith (1828-?) Hinckley

  4. Sarah Frith (1833-?) Hinckley
    Married James Pratt (1816-?) about 1847, Hinckley
    1. Michael Pratt (1848-?) Hinckley
    2. Maria Pratt (1850-?) Hinckley
    3. Joseph Pratt (1852-?) Hinckley
    4. Alice Pratt (1854-?) Hinckley
    5. Sarah Ann Pratt (1856-?) Hinckley
    6. Arthur Pratt (1860-?) Hinckley
    7. John Pratt (1862-?) Hinckley
    8. Thomas Pratt (1863-?) Hinckley

  5. Maria Frith (1836-?) Hinckley

  6. Mary Ann Frith (1838-?) Hinckley
    Married James Hurst Dowell in 1864 at Hinckley
    1. Walter Hurst Dowell (1865-?) Hinckley
    2. Drucilla Dowell (1866-?) Hinckley
    3. Amelia Dowell (1868-?) Hinckley
    4. Charles Dowell (1872-?) Hinckley
    5. Catherine Dowell (1874-?) Hinckley
    6. Joseph Dowell (1879-?) Burton on Trent, Stafford
    7. Phoebe Dowell (1881-?) Burton on Trent, Stafford

  7. Thomas Frith (1840-?) Hinckley
    Married Elizabeth Mary West (1842-?) on 13 Nov 1864 at Shoreditch, London

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