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Frith Generation 3

Thomas Frith III

Born 18 Dec 1840, Hinkley, Leicestershire, UK

At the 1851 census he was living at home on Priory Row, Hinckley with older siblings George, William, Maria, Sarah, and Mary Ann. His occupation was a stocking seamer like his father. He moved from Hinckley to London somewhere between 1852 and 1861.

Although he started working as a child (he was only 10 in 1851), early records indicated that he went to school. He might have been apprenticed to a butcher in Hinckley before leaving for London.

Married Elizabeth Mary West on 13 Nov 1864 at Shoreditch, London.

In 1871 he and his wife lived at 125 Weedington Rd, Kentish Town, London with sons Thomas and James.

By the 1881 census the family was at 2 Rhyll St, Kentish Town. Children were Thomas, Charles, Edith, Rosa, and George. The younger Thomas had also taken up his father's trade of butcher.

The family was still in the same house at the 1891 census. Eldest son Thomas and eldest daughter Edith had left. New arrivals were Henry, Albert, and Ellen.

Thomas died prior to 1901 as he did not appear on the 1901 census. His widow Elizabeth was residing at 48 Weedington Rd, Kentish Town along with the four youngest children Henry, Albert, Ellen, and Thomas (Alf).

  1. Thomas William Frith (1866-1949) Islington, London

  2. Charles James Frith (1870-?) St.Giles, London
    Married Ada Sophia Fowler (?-?) on 25 Dec 1893 at St.Pancras

  3. Edith Maud Frith born 25 Aug 1875, Camden Town
    Married Walter Garnet Stride (1875-1914) on 03 Dec 1893 at Hampstead
    Died 18 Feb 1958

  4. Rosa Frith (1877-?) Camden Town
    Married Thomas Ashby (1878-?) in 1897 at Holborn
    1. Thomas Richard Ashby (1900-?) St.Pancras
      Emigrated to Canada and founded a home for the elderly in Toronto.

  5. George Frith (1879-?) Camden Town
    Married Annie Elizabeth Ridley (1882-?) in 1900 at St.Pancras
    1. Frederick Frith (1900-?) St.Pancras
    2. Thomas Alfred Frith (1914-?) St.Pancras

  6. Henry Walter Frith (1881-?) Camden Town

  7. Albert Sidney Frith (1884-?) Camden Town

  8. Ellen May Frith (1886-?) Stoke Newington

  9. Thomas Alfred Frith (1892-1941) Camden Town