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Howe Generation 1
Howe Arms: Argent with a chevron between three griffins' heads sable.

The name Howe is an old Anglo-Saxon name. It comes from when the family lived near a hill or steep ridge of land. The surname Howe is usually derived from the Old English word hoh, which means heel or projecting ridge of land.

Thomas W. Howe

Born about 1777, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

Married Anne Pettit (c1783-?) on 01 May 1803 at Glemsford, Suffolk.

Thomas Howe was the first Howe in Canada. He enlisted with the 34th Infantry Regiment of the British Army about 1795, and served with Wellington in the Peninsular War of 1808-1814. He was also at the Battle of Waterloo.

Upon his retirement he settled in Penniac NB, having accepted a land grant in Saint Mary's Parish, York County. He was granted four large tracts of land on 11 Apr 1840, three on the Penniac River and one on L'Etang Harbour in Charlotte County.

Thomas and his wife died at Penniac.

  1. Thomas William Howe (1808-1845) Tynemouth, UK
    Married Esther Emma Sutherland (c1810-1844) in 1828 at Ballinasloe, Ireland.
    Four children

  2. Jane Elizabeth Howe (1826-1867) Dublin, Ireland
    Married Samuel P. Clayton (1820-1868) on 03 Jul 1845 at Nashwaak, NB
    1. Thomas W. Valentine Clayton (1846-1936)
    2. Rebekah Ann P. Clayton (1847-?)
    3. Samuel Lemuel Clayton (1849-?)
    4. Almon R. Clayton (1865-?)

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