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Howe Generation 2

Capt. Thomas William Howe

Born 1808 in Tynemouth, Northumberland County, England. Christened on 01 Jan 1809 at Christ Church, Tynemouth.

Married Esther Emma Sutherland (c1810-1844) in 1828 at Ballinasloe, Ireland.

According to family lore, Esther Sutherland was a younger sister of the then Duke of Sutherland. Her family opposed her marriage to Captain Howe because he was not of noble birth. They eloped and subsequently came to Canada. This story has since been proven false.

Thomas, with his wife, came to Fredericton NB as Captain and Adjutant of the 34th Regiment of Foot (later the King's Own Royal Borden Regiment), which was stationed in Fredericton from 1832 to 1835. The officers were quartered in a three-story wooden building at the upper end of Officer's Square.

In 1836-1937 Thomas and his wife returned to Ireland to visit her family, where their first daughter was born.

At about 1839 Thomas was stationed at Trois-Rivières (Three Rivers) Quebec, as Barracks Master.

Died on 09 Aug 1845 at Trois-Rivières. He was buried at Trois-Rivières Protestant Cemetery. His burial record reads, "Thomas William Howe, late Barrack Master at this place, died on the ninth and buried on the tenth August eighteen hundred and forty-five. By me, Saml J. Wood, Rector."

  1. William Thomas Howe (1835-1918) Fredericton
    Married Mary Ann Donald (1830-1917) on 24 June 1862 at Ward Settlement
    Four children

  2. Mary Fox Howe (1837-1907) Ballinasloe, Ireland
    Married Thomas Gilmore (1835-1890) on 30 June 1859 at Nashwaak, NB
    1. William Thomas Gilmore (1860-1938) Stanley
    2. James Edward Gilmore (1861-1928) Stanley
    3. Martha Vinetta H. Gilmore (1863-1947) Ward Settlement
    4. Anne Victoria Gilmore (1865-1952) Ward Settlement
    5. Laura Blanche Gilmore (1867-1947) Stanley
    6. John Henry Gilmore (1868-1949) Stanley
    7. Mary Elizabeth Gilmore (1870-1955) Stanley
    8. Allan Ingersol Gilmore (1872-1940) Stanley
    9. Joseph Brown Gilmore (1874-1950) Stanley
    10. Margaret Isabel Gilmore (1876-1957) Stanley

  3. Jessie Callan Howe (1841-c1880) Trois-Rivières

  4. Katherine Anne Howe (1842-1880) Trois-Rivières

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