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Sansom Generation 1
Sansom Arms: Sable, a cross or between four escallops argent.

The Sansom name came to England in the 11th century wave of migration that was set off by the Norman Conquest of 1066. Sansom derives from the Norman personal name Samson. First found in Gloucestershire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy.

Thomas Sansom

Born circa 1758, Curry Rivel, Somerset UK.

Married Abigail Brownsey (1771-1847) on 30 Jan 1791 at Drayton, Somerset.

Died 1828 at Hambridge, Somerset. Both Thomas and his wife are buried at Barrington, Somerset.

  1. William Sansom (1792-1876) Curry Rivel
    Married Mary Nichols (1799-1847) about 1821 in Wales
    Nine children

  2. John Sansom (1796-1875) Hambridge
    Married Elizabeth Ketch (1799-1844) on 18 Jun 1822 at Ashill
    1. Eliza Sansom (1822-1847) Ashill
    2. George Sansom (1825-c1880) Ashill
    3. David Sansom (1827-1879) Ashill
    4. Hannah Sansom (1830-1854) Ashill

  3. Hannah Sansom (1804-1861) Curry Rivel
    Married James Viney (1803-1862) on 17 Oct 1831 at Curry Rivel
    1. Eliza Viney (1832-1908) Pitney
    2. William Viney (1832-1910) Pitney
    3. Thomas Sansom Viney (1835-1900) Pitney
    4. Elizabeth Viney (1838-1896) Pitney
    5. Charles Viney (1843-1888) Upton
    The family emigrated to Tasmania in 1855.

  4. James Sansom (1806-1867) Curry Rivel
    Married Sarah unknown (c1816-1861) about 1835 at Chard

  5. Eliza Sansom (c1808-1845) Curry Rivel
    Married Thomas Bond (c1805-?) on 21 Jan 1840 at Curry Rivel
    1. James Bond (c1841-?) Barrington
    2. Thomas Bond (c1845-?) Barrington

  6. Charles Sansom (c1813-1879) Hambridge
    Married Emily Anna Boning (c1823-c1880) on 31 Oct 1845 at Hambridge

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