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Sansom Generation 2

William Sansom

Born 1792, Hambridge, Somerset UK

The Sansoms were a large farming family. Rapid population growth at the time meant that smaller farms could no longer sustain large families. This might have prompted William to emigrate in search of his own land.

Married Mary Nichols (1800-1846) about 1821 at Pembroke, South Wales

On 09 April 1822, William and Mary with their newborn son James set sail to Canada on board the "Active". They arrived at Saint John NB on 01 June, and made their way to the Welsh community of Cardigan, New Brunswick.

William died 14 Mar 1878 at Cardigan. He and his wife, and their son William D. are buried in the Baptist Chapel cemetery in Cardigan.

  1. James Sansom (1822-1889) Wales
    Married Jane Edgar (1826-1877) about 1842 at Stanley.
    Eight children

  2. John Sansom (1824-1892) Cardigan NB
    Married Mary Evans (1828-1910) on 11 Sep 1851 at Fredericton
    Eleven children

  3. Thomas Sansom (1826-1902) Cardigan
    Married Mary Ann Service (1826-1902) at Douglas.
    Three children

  4. Mary Ann Sansom (1831-?) Cardigan
    Married William C. Richards (1835-?)
    1. William Richards Jr (1858-?) Cardigan
    2. David M. Richards (1860-1918) Cardigan
    3. Elisa Richards (1862-1954) Cardigan
    4. Martha Richards (1864-1943) Cardigan
    5. Mary Richards (1866-?) Cardigan
    6. John Richards (1868-?) Cardigan

  5. Charles Sansom (c1832-1890) Cardigan
    Married Jane Evans (1842-1911) about 1862 at Cardigan
    Seven children

  6. Elizabeth Jane Sansom (1834-1912) Cardigan
    Married David Lewis Evans (1832-1917) about 1858 at Cardigan
    1. James Lewis Evans (1860-1912) Cardigan
    2. William S. Evans (1861-1926) Cardigan
    3. Thomas Franklin Evans (1863-1931) Cardigan

  7. William D. Sansom (1836-1896) Cardigan
    Married Mary A. Richards (1844-?) about 1861 at Cardigan
    Ten children

  8. Hannah Sansom (1839-?) Cardigan
    Married David Richards (1842-?) about 1863 at Douglas
    Eight children

  9. Edwin Sansom (1844-1919) Cardigan
    Married Minerva Fern Abernethy (1854-1936) about 1870 at Stanley
    Twelve children

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