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Seddon Generation 1
Seddon Arms: Or, three cinquefoils sable, a border engrailed sable.

The name Seddon originated from the Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain around the 9th century, it means 'people at the foot of the hill'. The surname is also a habitation name which was derived from a pre-existing name for a town, village, or parish; specifically Seddon found in the south-west of county Lancashire.

Joseph Seddon

Born about 1814, Monton, Lancashire, UK. Christened 10 April 1814 at Monton.

Monton is a small community in the southern part of the present-day city of Salford, UK.

Married Elizabeth Brittain (1817-1881) of Eccles on 28 Feb 1836 at Manchester Cathedral.

Joseph and Elizabeth were illiterate. Their marriage record and the birth certificates of their children show "X The Mark of Joseph Seddon" or "X The Mark of Elizabeth Seddon" in the signature fields. However their children attended school.

When the 1841 census was taken, Joseph apparently wasn't at home. His twice-widowed mother Sarah was given as the head of household. With her was her son by a second marriage, John Partington, and Elizabeth with two young children Ellen and Daniel.

At the 1851 census, the family was living at 5 Monton Green, Monton. The household included children Daniel, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Edward; plus Joseph's mother Sarah and two nephews James and William Partington. Joseph's occupation is Boatman.

The family was living at 3 Monton Lodge, Monton at the 1861 census. All the children except Ellen were still at home, with the addition of Fredric. Sarah Partington was with them as well. Joseph's occupation was Labourer.

In 1871 their address was 4 Monton Green. Daniel, Elizabeth, and Edward have left but Fredric remained along with William Henry. Visiting was married son Joseph with a daughter Lydia. Joseph's occupation was again Boatman.

Elizabeth Seddon died 04 Feb 1881 just before the census. The widowed Joseph was at 42 The Green, Monton, with his youngest son William Henry. Joseph was still working as a general labourer.

Joseph died 27 May 1889 at 67 Monton Green, Monton, aged 75 years.

  1. Ellen Seddon (1837-1842) Eccles

  2. Daniel Seddon (1839-1896) Monton
    Married Mary Grundy (c1844-?) about 1862 at Eccles
    1. William Henry Seddon (1862-1931) Gorton, Lancashire
    2. Lydia Seddon (1864-1894) Gorton
    3. James Seddon (1866-1892) Gorton
    4. Ellen Seddon (1869-1935) Gorton
    5. Joseph Greville Seddon (1871-1941) Gorton

  3. Elizabeth Seddon (1842-1908) Monton

  4. Joseph Seddon (1846-?) Monton
    Married Mary Jane Edey (1847-?) in 1875 at Eccles
    1. Ellen Seddon (1876-?) Eccles
    2. Emily Seddon (1880-?) Eccles

  5. Edward Seddon (1849-c1893) Monton
    Married Jane Longworth (1851-?) in 1872 at Salford
    1. Hannah Elizabeth Seddon (1874-?) Hulme
    2. Lucy Seddon (1877-?) Hulme
    3. Thomas Seddon (1880-?) Hulme
    4. Helena Seddon (1880-?) Hulme
    5. Jane Seddon (c1888-?) Hulme

  6. Ruth Seddon (1852-1853) Monton

  7. Fredric Seddon (1856-?) Monton
    Married Elizabeth Plumb (1855-?) circa 1884
    1. Nellie May Seddon (1887-?) Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire
    2. Elizabeth Mary Seddon (1889-?) Putney, London
    3. Dorothy Lucy Seddon (1892-?) Putney, London
    4. Robert Joseph Seddon (1895-?) Heath and Reach, Bedford
    5. Albert Edward Seddon (1897-?) Ascott Wing, Buckingham

  8. William Henry Seddon (1861-1920) Monton
    Married Catherine Roberts (1869-1938) on 26 Sep 1891 at Eccles
    1. Catherine Frances Seddon (1892-1958) Llanllwchaiarn, Wales
    2. Joseph Alfred Seddon (1896-1953) Monton
    3. Frederick William Seddon (1899-1962) Monton
    4. James Albert Seddon (1902-1985) Monton
    5. Naomi Elizabeth Seddon (1906-1983) Monton

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