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Seddon Generation 2

William Henry Seddon

William H. Seddon

Born 28 May 1861 at The Green, Monton, Lancashire UK

At the 1871 census he was living with his parents and two older brothers at 4 Monton Green, Monton. He was attending school at the time.

William was unmarried and living with his widowed father Joseph at the 1881 census, at 42 The Green, Monton. Occupation was labourer.

Married Catherine Roberts (1869-1938) of Wales on 26 Sep 1891 at Eccles Parish Church, Eccles.

At the 1901 census the family was living at 67 Rocky Lane, Monton. (67 Rocky Lane and 67 Monton Green were most likely the same house.) With them were three children: Catherine, Joseph, and Frederick. William's occupation was a labourer in an iron foundry.

Died 13 Jan 1920 at 67 Monton Green, Monton, aged 58.

His widow Catherine Seddon continued to live in the house until her death in 1938. Shortly thereafter the house was condemned by the town as unsafe and demolished.

  1. Catherine Frances Seddon (1892-1958) Llanllwchaiarn, Wales
    Married Thomas Brown (1887-?) on 05 Apr 1920 at Monton

  2. Joseph Alfred Seddon (1896-1953) Monton, Lancashire
    Married Gladys Simpson (1901-?) on 27 Aug 1930 at Monton

  3. Frederick William Seddon (1899-1962) Monton, Lancashire
    Married Dorothy Ethel Stride (1905-2000) on 18 Jul 1924 at Toronto, Ontario

  4. James Albert Seddon (1902-1985) Monton
    Married Alice Turner Gilder (1911-?) on 19 Jan 1946 at Monton

  5. Naomi Elizabeth "Betty" Seddon (1906-1983) Monton
    Married John Greaves Spedding (1902-1984) on 22 Jul 1931 at Monton

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