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Seddon Generation 3

Frederick William Seddon

Fred Seddon

Born 14 June 1899 at 67 Monton Green, Monton, Lancashire UK

Frederick attended the Manchester Engineering Institute beginning at age 12 or 13 to do a seven year apprenticeship as a fitter (called a millwright in Canada). His apprenticeship was interrupted in June 1917 after being in it for 5 years, when he turned 18 and he was drafted into the British army.

He served with the Royal Engineers until early 1919, and was awarded two service medals. Upon his release from the army he returned to finish his two remaining years at Manchester Engineering Institute, then worked in Manchester for two years.

1923 July 06 he booked passage on the SS Pittsburgh from Liverpool to Halifax NS, intending to create a new home in Canada. Passenget records show that on the ship he met his future wife Dorothy Stride. Arrived in Halifax on 16 July 1923, and travelled by train to Toronto, where a friend Mrs. Burke was awaiting him.

Married Dorothy Ethel Stride (1905-2000) on 18 July 1924 at Salvation Army Chapel, Toronto ON.

While in Toronto, Fred worked for the Goodyear Tire Company until the Nov. 1929 depression came along, and was laid off in early 1930. He heard about a possible job at Courtaulds Canada Textiles in Cornwall from family friend Arthur Barrett, so they both hopped a freight train to Cornwall and got temporary employment installing machinery in the new #2 mill. His wife stayed in Toronto with their children Joy and Billy for about a year because she still had a job there.

Fred's job became permanent in 1931 and the family moved to Cornwall. He worked at Courtaulds 1930-1957 and in later years was a foreman and then an assistant superintendant in the maintenance department.

In 1956 he went on holiday back home to England to visit his siblings.

Illness forced him into early retirement on 30 June 1957, and he died 04 Feb 1962 in Brockville.

  1. Irene Joyce "Joy" Seddon born 02 April 1926, Toronto
    Married Borden Arthur Lloyd (1911-1980) on 01 Jan 1942 at Cornwall
    Died 25 Feb 2005 at Tamworth Ontario

  2. William Garnet Seddon, born 19 April 1928, Toronto
    Died 07 April 1943 at Cornwall, of leukemia

  3. Allan Arthur Ellis Seddon born 01 Oct 1938, Cornwall
    Married(1) Margaret O'Brian on 22 Apr 1961 at Cornwall; annulled 1962
    Married(2) Anne Lillias Sansom (1930-) on 26 Feb 1969 at Cornwall