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Sansom Generation 5

Lt. Gen. Ernest William Sansom

Ernest W. Sansom

Born 18 Dec 1890 at Stanley NB.

Joined the 71st York Militia Regiment and lied about his age to get in. When he was called up in 1914 he joined the 30th Quebec Battalion and became a machine gun instructor. He rose through the ranks quickly and captained a machine-gun unit at Vimy Ridge.

Ernest's first marriage took place while he was stationed overseas with his unit. Married Eileen Ada Georgette Smith (1895-1927) on 13 June 1917 at the Parish Church, Folkestone, Kent, UK.

He returned home from WW1 with the rank of Colonel and a Distinguished Service Order award.

His wife Eileen passed away suddenly in 1922. He remarried on 01 Feb 1930 to Lucy Waddell (1894-1975) at Kingston ON.

He served again in WW2 in a variety of postings, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant General.

1939 : Director Military Training, Canada
1939-40: Quartermaster-General 1st Canadian Division, England
1940-41: General Officer Commanding 3rd Canadian Division
1941 : General Officer Commanding 1st Canadian Armoured Division
1941-43: General Officer Commanding 5th Armoured Division, England
1943-44: General Officer Commanding II Canadian Corps, England
1945 : Inspector-General of the Army

After WW2 he returned to New Brunswick with his family, and settled in Fredericton. He briefly entered politics, running twice for a Progressive Conservative seat in the York-Sunbury riding, once in 1945 and again in 1947; but he was unsuccessful.

He died on 12 Oct 1982 at Fredericton. His name appears on the First World War 1914-1918 and Second World War 1939-1945 Soldier's Memorials in Stanley.

Children by Eileen Smith:

  1. Hazel Ernestine Sansom (1918-2005) England
    Married(1) Francis John Nobbs (1912-2000) about 1940 at Kingston ON
    Married(2) Murray Chipman (?-?)

  2. Charmian Odette Sansom (1922-) Halifax NS
    Married Maj. William Henderson Scott (1916-2005) in England

Child by Lucy Waddell:

  1. Anne Lillias Gwendoline Sansom (1930-2010) Ottawa ON
    Married(1) Eric Alexander MacGillivray (1928-2011) on 12 Sep 1953 at Montreal QC
    Married(2) Allan Arthur Ellis Seddon (1938-) on 26 Feb 1969 at Cornwall ON