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Sansom Generation 4

John Evans Sansom

Born 16 Dec 1863 at Stanley NB.

He volunteered for the militia, intending to assist the Canadian troops with the Northwest Rebellion in 1885, but peace was made before the regiment arrived.

Married Mary Anne "Minnie" Howe (1864-1952) on 30 Oct 1889 at Stanley.

At the 1901 census of Canada, John Evans, his wife and five sons were living in Stanley Parish. Also with them was his widowed mother Mary and a sister Elizabeth.

The family was still in Stanley at the 1911 census, except for the middle son Angus who died of an illness at age 13.

Sometime during the 1920s John Evans took a job out in western Canada, and he sent money home so that his family could join him. His wife Minnie refused to leave New Brunswick, and he ended up staying out west. The New Brunswick relatives subsequently stopped talking about him.

He visited several of his nephews and nieces in British Columbia during the 1950s.

John Evans died 19 Nov 1957 at Matsqui, BC aged 93. Family lore has it that he collapsed of a heart attack while trying to catch a train. He was buried in Hazelwood Cemetery, Abbotsford, BC.

  1. Ernest William Sansom (1890-1982) Stanley
    Married(1) Eileen Ada Georgette Smith (1895-1927) on 13 June 1917 at Folkestone, Kent, UK
    Married(2) Lucy Waddell (1894-1975) on 01 Feb 1930 at Kingston ON.

  2. John Donald Sansom (1892-1933) Stanley
    Married Kathleen unknown at Stanley

  3. Angus McMillan Sansom (1894-1908) Stanley

  4. Herbert Kilburn Sansom (1896-1966) Stanley
    Married Margaret Christina Douglass (1898-1988) on 24 Jun 1922 at Stanley
    1. Jessie Helen Sansom (?-?) Stanley
    2. Louise Elizabeth Sansom (?-?) Stanley
    3. Angus Douglass Sansom (c1926-2003) Stanley
    4. Mary Howe Sansom (c1928-?) Stanley
    5. James Ross Sansom (1935-1935) Stanley

  5. James Robert Sansom (1899-1929) Stanley

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