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Stride Generation 1
Stride Arms: Argent, a chevron sable between three conies sable.

The surname Stride is of local origin; it is a habitation name, which is a type of hereditary surname, derived from an already existing place-name where the original bearer lived or held land.

Robert James Stride I

Born circa 1800, London, UK

Robert was a builder by trade.

Married Mary Oliver (1804-?) about 1820 at London.

Robert died before the 1841 census. His widow Mary could have gone to work, or was otherwise unable to support the family. Their five living sons were sent to a rooming house at 16 Sidney St, Somers Town where they appear on the 1841 census.

At the 1851 census the widowed Mary is visiting the home of her eldest son Robert James Stride.

  1. Robert Philip Stride (1822-?) London

  2. Robert James Stride born 1824 in London
    Married(1) Caroline Mitchell (1826-1862) about 1846 at London
    Married(2) Effield Elizabeth Triggs (1839-1919) on 22 Jul 1863 at St. Pancras, Middlesex
    Died at Kings Road, Mortlake on 18 July 1892

  3. Philip Stride (1826-1866) London
    Married Louisa Raffan (c1826-1864) about 1847 at London
    1. Philip Henry Stride (1847-?) St.Pancras, Middlesex
    2. Louisa Sarah Stride (1853-1864) St.Pancras, Middlesex
    3. George Oliver Stride (1856-?) St.Pancras, Middlesex
    4. Charles John Stride (1858-1891) St.Pancras, Middlesex
    5. Henrietta Harriet Stride (1861-?) St.Pancras, Middlesex

  4. Bramstone Stride (1831-1901) St. Andrew, Holborn
    Married Sarah Fossey (1834-?) in 1853 at Marylebone, London
    1. Sarah Elizabeth Stride (1854-?) St.Pancras
    2. Bramstone John Stride (1856-?) St.Pancras
    3. Emily Jane Stride (1858-?) St.Pancras
    4. Mary Stride (1861-?) St.Pancras
    5. Joseph Arthur Stride (1862-?) St.Pancras
    6. Oliver James Stride (1864-1938) Somers Town
    7. Albert Philip Stride (1868-?) St.Pancras
    8. Walter Eli Stride, (1870-?) London
    9. Alfred Edwin Stride (1872-?) St.Pancras
    10. Ada Stride (1880-?) London

  5. Edward Oliver Stride (1833-1895) Camden, Middlesex
    Married Sophia Remmington (1834-1891) on 17 Sep 1854 at St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex
    1. Sophia Ann Stride (1858-?) Camden Town
    2. Edward Oliver Stride (1859-1891) Camden Town
    3. Benjamin W. Stride (1863-?) Camden Town
    4. Mary Stride (1865-?) Camden Town
    5. Sophia Harriet Stride (1868-?) Camden Town
    6. Walter Stride (1873-?) Camden Town
    7. William F. Stride (1877-?) Camden Town

  6. Charles Stride (1837-?) Camden, Middlesex

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