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Stride Generation 2

Robert James Stride II

Robert J. Stride II

Born 22 Apr 1824, London, Middlesex UK

At the 1841 census he and his four brothers Philip, Bramstone, Edward, and Charles were living in a rooming house at 16 Sidney St, Somers Town, Middlesex. Robert is listed as head of the family and his trade was Tailor. Possibly their father died suddenly and their mother was unable to care for them.

Married Caroline Mitchell (1826-1862) about 1846 at London.

At the 1851 census he was living at 29 Johnson St, Marylebone with his wife and young son Robert, and his widowed mother Mary was visiting.

At the 1861 census the family was at 6 Windham Street, Marylebone with sons Robert and Arthur.

Robert's wife Caroline died in 1862. He remarried to Effield Elizabeth Triggs (1839-1919) on 22 Jul 1863 at St. Pancras, Middlesex. Witnesses to the marriage were his brother Philip Stride and sister-in-law Sarah Jane Triggs.

At the 1871 census they were at 3 Manor Terrace, Battersea, Surrey with four children: Alice, Kate, Edmund, and Alfred.

At the 1881 census the family was at 1 Rose Cottage, Mortlake, Surrey with Edmund, (James) Alfred, (Walter) Garnet, Sidney, and Frederick.

Robert and Effield are still in Mortlake at the 1891 census, at 6 Herbert Terrace, along with Kate, Sidney, and Frederick. Their now-married eldest daughter Alice Tuohey is also there with her young daughter Josephine.

Robert Stride died at Kings Road, Mortlake on 18 July 1892 aged 68.

Children by Caroline Mitchell:
  1. Robert James Stride (1848-1929) born at Somers Town
    Married Elizabeth Spink (1844-1888)on 09 Nov 1870 at Marylebone

  2. Oliver George Stride (1850-1850) born at Somers Town

  3. Arthur Edward Stride (1852-1934) born at Somers Town
    Married Jane Holden (1853-?) on 02 Dec 1877 at Barnes, Surrey
Children by Effield Triggs:
  1. Alice Elizabeth Effield Stride (1864-1959) St.Pancras
    Married Joseph Herbert Tuohey (1862-c1903) on 28 Oct 1889 at Mortlake
    1. Josephine Tuohey (1890-?) Mortlake
    2. John Garnet Tuohey (1893-1916) Barnes
    3. Robert James Tuohey (1895-1897) Hammersmith
    4. Harold Frederick Tuohey (1899-1905) Hammersmith

  2. Kate Stride (1865-?) Shaftsbury, Dorset
    Married Henry Livermore (1866-1955) on 06 Feb 1894 at Christchurch, Mortlake
    1. Kate Amelia G. Livermore (1894-?) Westminster
    2. Winifred Alice E. Livermore (1900-?) Battersea
    3. Harry Leonard Livemore (1903-c1984) Battersea
    4. Arthur Patrick Livermore (1906-c1969) Battersea

  3. Edmund Arthur O. Stride (1866-1949) Kentish Town
    Married Selina Thompson (1865-1913) on 26 Oct 1886 at Hounslow
    1. Alice Elizabeth Stride (1889-?) Hammersmith
    2. Edmund Arthur U. Stride (1899-1980) Hammersmith

  4. Alfred James Stride (1868-1872) Kentish Town

  5. James Alfred Stride (1872-1939) Wandsworth, Surrey
    Married(1) Amelia Elliott (Short) Hunter (1871-1914) on 13 May 1894 at Mortlake
    Known to have been at the Galipoli campaign of 1915 in World War I.
    1. Richard James Alfred Stride (1895-1972) Fulham
      Married Mabel Forman on 10 Sep 1919 at Fulham
    2. Jessie Amelia Stride (1900-1926) Fulham
      Married Joseph George Blow on 03 Feb 1917 at Southwark
    Married(2) Elizabeth Tillman (1876-?) on 17 May 1915 at Medway, Kent
    1. Thomas Garnet Stride (1916-?) London

  6. Walter Garnet Stride (1875-1914) Mortlake, Surrey
    Married Edith Maud Frith (1876-1958) on 03 Dec 1893 at Hampstead, Middlesex
    Killed in action 11 Oct 1914, Antwerp, Belgium

  7. Sidney Herbert Stride (1877-1901) Mortlake, Surrey
    Drowned in a boating accident at the Mortlake Rowing Club in June 1901.

  8. Frederick Arthur Stride, (1879-?) Mortlake, Surrey
    Married Elizabeth Snelling (1888-?) on 24 Jan 1910 at Hove, Sussex
    1. Eric Arthur L. Stride (1911-?) Preston, Sussex

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